Fresh from Global Events for the House of LouisVuitton, based in Paris, Sam Ward founded her eponymous consultancy toservice some of the world’s most iconic brands in 2007.

SamWard studio has established a name within the luxury lifestyle and fashionindustry with events ranging from “The Party of the Decade”, Louis Vuitton’srenowned store opening in London, created with Punch Drunk in 2010, to producingone of the first major global fashion exhibitions at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs inParis for Marc Jacob’s swan song, as he left Louis Vuitton in 2012.

Mergingluxury with art, managing collaborations with Mat Collishaw, Vanessa Beecroft,Grayson Perry and Yayoi Kusama to name but a few, Sam Ward has had theprivilege to work with extraordinary figures and continues to seek out and work with thesedriving forces.

Specialisingin a heterogeneous approach to events, melding artists from diverse disciplineswith a focused, inventive and highly sophisticated approach to hospitality, SamWard works as an Executive Producer either in house with the world’s leadingbrands, or with agencies to create talked-about events, from celebratingcollaborations, to store openings or product launches.

Today Sam Ward studio continues to endlessly imaginedesigns and collaborations across the board, helping to produce events thatcontinue to entertain and to amaze.



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